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  • woman with a VR headset

    Euronext® Metaverse World Index

    The thematic index dedicated to the metaverse industry. Why invest in the Metaverse?

    The Euronext® Metaverse World Index identifies companies that are actively implicated in metaverse-related…

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  • Euronext Artificial Intelligence World Index photo (technology-related image)

    Euronext® Artificial Intelligence World Index

    The thematic index dedicated to the artificial intelligence industry. Why invest in the artificial intelligence?

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have brought tremendous change to…

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  • Landscape by night

    Euronext Thematic Index Solutions

    Why invest in thematic indices?

    Thematic investing is an alternative to traditional investment, offering diversification and aiming to create long-term value on future trends.

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  • wind turbines

    Euronext® Wind and Solar World Index

    The thematic index dedicated to the Wind and Solar industry

    The objective of the Euronext® Wind & Solar World Index is to help investors identify companies which are actively implicated in…

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  • Photo of Hearth from Space

    Euronext® Helios Space Index

    The first European Space index to measure the stock market performance of European space companies. Why invest in the Euronext Helios Space Index?

    Euronext and the European Space Agency, in…

    #Thematic Indices
  • IT

    Euronext® NDR Web 3.0 World Index

    The thematic index dedicated to the Web 3.0 industry. Why invest in Web 3.0?

    Web 3.0 is the third generation of the World Wide Web and it aims to eliminate intermediaries that are big tech…

    #Thematic Indices
  • Dam to produce hydrogen

    Euronext® NDR Hydrogen World Index

    The thematic index dedicated to the hydrogen industry. Why invest in hydrogen?

    Hydrogen, the most abundant chemical substance in the universe, is a gas whose chemical properties are of major…

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  • technology related photo

    Euronext Crypto-asset Indices

    A Crypto Index family to provide aggregated reference prices. Why invest in Crypto assets?

    Crypto-assets represent a major shift in the financial market, and in recent years have grown in…

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