Safekeeping, Custody, and Asset Services


What we offer 

Euronext Securities offer a wide variety of custody products and services

Are you a global custodian, ICSD (International Central Securities Depository), CCP (Central Counterparty), broker, or dealer looking to establish a presence in the European market? Look no further. Our secure custody solutions, tailored to meet your needs, provide the peace of mind and expertise necessary for success in the Danish, Norwegian, Italian, and Portuguese securities markets. 

Comprehensive Custody solutions 

As the third-largest CSD (Central Securities Depository) network in Europe in terms of assets under custody, Euronext Securities offers direct access to international markets through our extensive network of links with CSDs and partners. Supported by local specialists with up-to-date market insights, our services ensure the highest standards of security and efficiency for your assets. 

Our custody products and services

Safekeeping services

We prioritise the security of your assets with: 

  • Secure Safekeeping: For a wide range of financial instruments, including equities, bonds, and other securities in both domestic and international markets. 

  • Advanced Security Measures: Utilising state-of-the-art technology and robust security protocols to protect your assets. 

  • Transparency and Compliance: Offering both segregated and nominee accounts to ensure transparency and meet evolving regulatory requirements. 

  • Continuous Monitoring: 24/7 monitoring and surveillance to ensure the highest level of asset protection. 

Corporate Events Service

Our Corporate Events service is designed to ensure the: 

  • Management of all types of Events: Handling various corporate events, from the simplest to the most complicated ones. 

  • Notification and Communication: Providing timely notifications to investors and relevant parties about upcoming corporate events and any necessary instructions or actions required. 

  • Execution and Processing: Ensuring the accurate and timely execution and processing of corporate events, including crediting securities or cash to investors' accounts. 

  • Proxy Voting: Facilitating proxy voting and enhancing shareholder participation in Issuer companies’ governance. 

  • Compliance and Reporting: Ensuring all corporate events are compliant with latest regulatory requirements and in line with the European standards. 


Stakeholder Engagement and Regulatory Affairs

Managing your assets requires a combination of expertise and proactive advocacy to navigate regulatory landscapes and foster strong relationships with key market participants. In particular we do offer: 

  • Regular Market Surveillance and Monitoring: Continuously monitor market trends, regulations, and requirements. Participate in industry forums, working groups, and regulatory consultations to stay informed about changes and new requirements. 

  • Market Advocacy: Representing your interests in market developments and regulatory changes. 

  • Stakeholder Collaboration: work closely with market participants, including issuers, CCPs, and other CSDs, to understand their needs and requirements. Establish feedback mechanisms to receive continuous input from them. 

Custody Highlights 

We maintain a direct link with the respective Issuer CSDs in most of the European markets, offering competitive cut-offs, harmonised procedures, and timely event notification on mandatory and voluntary corporate events, as well as on all cash distributions. 

Corporate Events management is essential in the financial industry, but fragmentation and varied practices have posed challenges. Euronext Securities is addressing these issues by launching a harmonised and standardised service for Corporate Events processing across its CSDs in Milan, Porto, Copenhagen, and Oslo. This service ensures timely, accurate, and reliable handling of corporate events from creation to payment, adhering to ISO standards and the Shareholder Rights Directive II. It supports compliance with European standards and provides seamless communication through ISO messaging. Read more here:… 

Decades of trust 

Across our four CSDs, we have been serving the financial market for decades, offering comprehensive Custody solutions to intermediaries such as banks, brokers, financial institutions, etc. Whether it’s managing registered financial instruments in book-entry form or providing support for your clients' investments, we empower you to achieve more for your clients with our range of products and services. 

Why choose Euronext Securities? 
  • Expertise: Leverage our deep industry knowledge and extensive experience. 

  • Innovation: Benefit from our cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions designed to enhance asset security and management efficiency. 

  • Reliability: Trust in our commitment to providing reliable and high-quality services, ensuring the safety and proper management of your assets. 

  • Client-Centric Approach: We prioritise building close relationships with every client, striving to be your trusted partner in all situations. 


Contact your local Sales team to learn more about how we support Custody on our four locations.