Euronext Optiq MDG Cloud

Cloud-based access to real-time Euronext market data.

Euronext's development of cloud-based access to its real-time market data represents a significant advancement in financial market technology.


Euronext Optiq MDG Cloud

Key benefits include:

  • Comprehensive coverage: The service covers all Euronext markets and asset classes traded on the Optiq platform, ensuring that users have access to a wide array of market data
  • Data granularity options: Users can choose the appropriate level of data required based on their specific needs, whether that be full depth of market, top of book, last trade, or other relevant metrics
  • Connectivity options: Euronext offers a range of connectivity options to accommodate different user preferences and requirements, including public internet connectivity, private cloud, and cloud-proximity options
  • Versatile use cases: The service is suitable for a wide range of client use cases, catering to the needs of individual traders, institutional investors, algorithmic trading systems, and other market participants
  • Cost-effective solution: Euronext provides low-cost connectivity to its real-time data, enabling users to access valuable market information directly from the source
  • Flexible delivery: Users can choose from a variety of delivery options, ensuring ease of implementation and integration with existing trading systems and workflows.

Overall, Euronext's cloud-based access to real-time market data offers a compelling solution for market data clients seeking reliable, cost-effective, and flexible access to market information.

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