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S.r.l. Dematerialisation

Dematerialising ownership shares enables the transition from paper to digitial form, simplifying transactions between investors and improving the inflow of capital to non-listed companies.

S.r.l. shares thus become akin to securities and shareholders will be able to deposit their shares alongside other securities in their bank's securities account, with the operations related to the management and exchange of shares between financial intermediaries centralised at Euronext Securities Milan. 

Euronext Securities Milan manages the entire process, facilitating the ease of share circulation. 

S.r.l. Dematerialisation Eng


The dematerialisation of shares offers several advantages for both companies and investors, including:

  • Greater security and transparency: Dematerialised shares are more easily traceable and verifiable, reducing the risks of loss, forgery, or dispute.
  • Reduced bureaucracy and costs: Dematerialised shares eliminate the need to keep and exchange paper documents, simplifying procedures and reducing the time and expenses associated with transactions.
  • Increased liquidity and accessibility: Dematerialised shares can be traded more easily and quickly, expanding market opportunities and investment for SMEs and their shareholders.
  • Immediate access to company information and greater operational efficiency.


Simone Canova

Business Development Manager

Pierluigi Dimonopoli

Head of Business Development Issuers