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Euronext Clearing Brochure

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Euronext Clearing migration

Euronext announces the successful expansion of Euronext Clearing as pan-European clearing house for Euronext cash markets
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Euronext Clearing

Euronext Clearing: one clearing house for Europe

With Anthony Attia
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VaR-based margin methodology on Borsa Italiana Equity and Equity Derivatives Sections goes live

Press Release
Euronext Clearing is a multi-asset clearing house that provides proven risk management capabilities across a range of markets and trading venues.
Euronext Clearing is the CCP on several markets across a range of trading venues including Euronext Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Milan and Paris Cash Markets; Euronext Milan Bonds and Derivatives markets, MTS, BrokerTec and Vorvel.
Euronext Clearing aims at becoming the CCP on financial derivatives and commodity derivatives on Euronext Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, Paris and Oslo by Q3 2024.
Euronext Clearing Members

Latest Notices

Optiq Migration - Product Code Alignment (Market Notices)
EMIR Refit Reporting – Go-Live (Operational Notices)
Amendments to the regulations (Euronext derivatives migration) (Operational Notices)

Euronext Clearing in numbers

Over 50 million

Derivative lots cleared in 2023

Double counted

Over 166 million

Equity Trades Cleared in 2023

Double counted

23.3 billion

Margin & Default Fund in 2023


Euronext Clearing – One Clearing House for Europe



On this page you will find all information necessary to become a Euronext Clearing client.

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Risk Management

Counterparty risk is protected within state of the art margin methodology specifically calibrated per asset class.

Euronext Clearing is the new commercial name for the legal entity Cassa di Compensazione e Garanzia S.p.A.

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