Euronext Milling Wheat Derivatives

The global benchmark for European physical milling wheat

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Milling Wheat No. 2 Futures contract specifications

Milling Wheat No. 2 Options contract specifications

Futures and options on Milling Wheat No. 2

  • The global benchmark for the pricing of European milling wheat from Spain to the Black Sea
  • Included in the Rogers International Commodity Index® (RICI) and S&P World Commodity IndexTM
  • An accurate hedging tool on European soft milling wheat for cooperatives, merchants, trading houses, importers, exporters and processors such as feed compounders, flour millers and starch manufacturers
  • The milling wheat contract is also used as a proxy for barley, ethanol and many other cereals whose adequate price is correlated with our futures contract
  • Strong price convergence for commercial market participants
  • Delivery points of EU origin milling wheat in Rouen, Dunkirk, La Pallice and Nantes-Montoir in 7 different silos operated by 5 independent firms.