Wood Pellet Derivatives

Biomass trading: putting a price on heating

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Residential Wood Pellet Futures

Wood pellets, manufactured from stem wood and untreated residues from the wood processing industry, are seen by many as:

  • An alternative, sustainable source of renewable energy
  • Cleaner and more efficient than wood
  • Cheaper than other fuels

Futures on Residential Wood Pellets

  • Manage risk and protect margins on one of the key developing sources of renewable energy: wood pellets
  • Hedge against fluctuations in the prices of pellets or closely-related products caused by changes in economic supply and demand, availability of raw materials and winter weather seasonality patterns
  • Pellet industry participants can manage their risk from production, to purchase, to sales
  • Developed in close cooperation with the biomass community specifically to meet the needs of market professionals looking for portfolio diversification and price hedging
  • Trade in a transparent and secure environment, with the European Pellet Council ENplus® A1 certification as a base for the underlying of the futures contract
  • Delivery in the ARA Zone (Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Antwerp) including the Port of Ghent (Belgium)

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