Listing Funds on Euronext

Access our Amsterdam, Dublin and Paris markets and connect with European and international investors.

Why list funds on Euronext?

Investment managers list their funds on Euronext to:

  • Meet investor requirements
  • Increase visibility and transparency on their funds to a global audience
  • Enhance distribution channels via Euronext Fund Services
  • Access a large pool of international investors
  • Benefit from a fully automated trading process infrastructure

List funds on our markets

Euronext Amsterdam & Paris through Euronext Fund Services

Euronext Dublin markets

Listed funds

Enhanced visibility with Morningstar fund data tool

Funds that are listed on Euronext Fund Services will appear on the Morningstar fund data tool. This enhances their visibility. The tool allows investors to search and select funds. It also provides issuers with:

  • Product referential data
  • Market data feeds and reports
  • Dedicated promotion

The tool is available for free on Euronext's Live Markets website. 

Morningstar fund data

Women looking at dat on a computer screen

Trading funds on Euronext Fund Services

Funds listed on Amsterdam and Paris are available for trading within Euronext Fund Services. This is a primary market/NAV trading platform for global institutional and retail investors. It offers easy and automated access to invest in mutual funds (UCITs & AIFs) through a broker by sending subscription-redemption orders.

Euronext Fund Services will soon include funds listed on Euronext Dublin.

Euronext contacts

Photograph of Roland Prevot

Roland Prevot

Euronext Amsterdam & Paris contact

+33 (0)1 70 48 28 82

Sugrue Gerry

Gerry Sugrue

Vice President of International Primary Markets, Euronext Dublin

+353 (0)1 6174280

Weir Nicholas

Nicholas Weir

Business Development Analyst Funds

+353 (0)1 6174219

Euronext Market Services (EMS)


+353 (0) 1 617 4200

Euronext Market Services (EMS) Amsterdam

Exchange Traded Products ETFs, Funds, The Netherlands

+31 (0)20 721 9585

Euronext Market Services (EMS) Brussels

Exchange Traded Products ETFs, Funds, Belgium

+32 (0)2 620 0585

Euronext Market Services (EMS) Lisbon

Exchange Traded Products ETFs, Funds, Portugal

+351 (0)2 1060 8585

Euronext Market Services (EMS) London

Exchange Traded Products ETFs, Funds, UK

+44 (0)20 7660 8585

Euronext Market Services (EMS) Paris

Exchange Traded Products ETFs, Funds, France

+33 (0)1 8514 8585

Corporate Actions Team

Euronext Amsterdam Corporate Actions

Beursplein 5, 1012 JW Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+ 31 (0)20 721 4348

Euronext Brussels Corporate Actions

Rue du Marquis 1, bte 1, 1000 Brussels

+ 32 (0)2 620 15 25

Euronext Dublin Corporate Actions

Exchange Buildings, Foster Place, Dublin 2

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Euronext Lisbon Corporate Actions

Av. da Liberdade, 196, 7º 1250-147 Lisboa, Portugal

+351 (0)210 600 617

Euronext London Corporate Actions

14, place des Reflets, 92054 Paris La Défense Cedex, France

+33 1 85 14 85 93

Euronext Paris Corporate Actions

14, place des Reflets, 92054 Paris La Défense Cedex, France

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