How to access My Interbolsa

Who can access My INTERBOLSA?

Financial Intermediaries

or other entities affiliated to Euronext Securities Porto settlement systems and centralized securities systems.


with securities registered in Euronext Securities Porto centralized systems.

Other entities

namely financial intermediaries that are not Euronext Securities Porto participants to send the identification of securities holders regarding Shareholders Rights Directive II.

What do I need to do to have access to My INTERBOLSA?

  • Enter into a Service Agreement (contract) with Euronext Securities Porto to have access to its Portal;
  • Service Agreement template available at the link;
  • Send the original of the contract duly signed to Euronext Securities Porto;
  • Fill out and sign Annexes I and II and send the originals by mail to Euronext Securities Porto;
  • Access codes (User identification code and Activation Key) are assigned to the Client – this information is sent by letter (mail);
  • In case of financial intermediaries who are not Euronext Securities Porto participants, they must contact Euronext Securities Porto through the email .

What should I do when I receive the Access codes?

  • Access the link indicated on the letter and activate the User, inserting the User identification code and the Activation Key;
  • Change the password.
How to access - Euronext Securities Porto

How can user data be changed?

By completing and sending new Annexes, with the new user data;

The originals of the Annexes must be sent by mail to Euronext Securities Porto, after being signed.

User and password unknown - how shoud I proceed?

  • On the Login screen, select “Recover access data”;
  • Enter the User identification code as well as the Activation Key (which was in the letter sent by Euronext Securities Porto, when joining My INTERBOLSA);
  • You will then receive, in your email account a link to reset your password.



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