Market Data

Our real-time and delayed market data is a valuable resource to anyone trading on our markets.

Why Euronext market data?

Access Euronext real-time market data and join:

  • More than 70,000* professionals
  • In over 100 countries

The scope of our unique market data portfolio reflects:

  • Our liquid pan-European markets and
  • Wide range of products

Make trading decisions with confidence. Run your business in a transparent environment, based on Euronext market data.

(*August 2020)

Unique portfolio

Six countries

Access data from Belgium, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and Portugal.

Broad range of products

Products covered include:

  • Equities
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Warrants and Certificates
  • Bonds
  • Derivatives
  • Commodities and Indices, including our flagships CAC 40® and AEX®


See the complete depth of our order book, with traded prices and sizes included in Euronext market data.

Market data from our pan-European markets is complemented with data from:

  • Around 600 real-time indices
  • Data from our Approved Publication Arrangement (APA)


Choose from several levels of data to suit your business needs. All market data is available in standard message formats. It includes international identification codes to enable global trading.


Access your data via our cutting-edge market data platform Optiq® MDG. Robust, always available, with many site configurations.


Optiq® MDG distributes near instantaneous real-time market data. It enables quick strategic trading decision-making based on reliable and accurate insights.


You can be more confident of hitting orders when acting on our market data.

Get as close to the book as possible.

Buy or sell financial instruments with greater price execution assurance.

Consistent and comparable

Compare data across trading venues quickly and consistently with trade flags that follow FIX Market Model Typology (MMT) standards.


For more information about our market data products, market data agreements, prices and policies, please call or email us

Our market data licensing managers support the following regions:

Austria, Belgium, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia

+ 31 (0) 20 721 4283

France, Luxembourg, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa

+ 33 (0) 17 048 2902

Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, South America

+ 44 207 076 0981

United Kingdom, North America

+ 44 207 076 0946