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Become a member of the leading pan-European exchange and access seven European marketplaces.

Why become a trading member? 

  • Access to seven marketplaces*
  • Secure regulated market
  • Operational support from Market Surveillance rooms in Amsterdam, Dublin and Paris
  • Low-latency, globally secure network
  • Value-added services
  • Deepest pool of liquidity in Europe. 

* Borsa Italiana markets are in the process of migrating to the Euronext Optiq® technology; the final phase (Derivatives) will take place in 2024. More about the Borsa Italiana Optiq Migration

Membership of Borsa Italiana's markets

Types of Membership

Trading Members

Regulated Markets

  • Cash Trading. Trade Equities, Fixed Income, Funds, ETFs, Warrants & Certificates on the Euronext Cash Markets
  • Derivatives Trading. Trade Financial Derivatives and Commodity Derivatives on the Euronext Derivatives Markets. 

Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs)

  • Euronext Fund Services 
  • Euronext Expert Market
  • Euronext FX
  • Euronext GEM Equity

Market Makers and Liquidity Providers

For firms wishing to join a Market Making scheme or Liquidity Provision programme.

Primary Dealers

For firms looking to register as primary dealers in Irish Government bonds

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Admission process & application

Simple application process

Become a Trading Member in 4 steps

  1. Submit Documentation
  2. Connect to the Market
  3. Configure and Test Your Connection
  4. Begin Trading

Admission Process & Application


Choose how you connect to the high-performance global Euronext trading platforms.

  • Directly, through a physical connectivity solution
  • Indirectly through a solution provided by an accredited Application Service Provider (ASP) or Extranet Service Provider (ESP)


Extension of trading activities

Extend your existing membership easily to another marketplace or asset class. Apply to extend your trading activities to a new marketplace or new capacity through our Customer Portal.

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Regulatory bodies

The Euronext regulated markets are supervised by a college of regulators, which works together to provide co-ordinated supervision of our markets.

Regulatory Framework

Trading Services

Choose from a range of trading services designed to meet the specific needs of different customer profiles and asset classes. Whether you are a retail broker looking to provide best execution to your clients, an asset manager needing to facilitate your research management, or an investment firm requiring reporting and publication tools to comply with regulations, there is a service to suit your business. 

Trade Confirmation System

Publish regulated market trades (negotiated deals, block trades, VWAP trades) on all Euronext Cash Market instruments. Deferred publication for certain products, and flexible clearing options. 

Best of Book

Euronext Best of Book is the Best Execution service for retail orders.

Euronext GEM Equity

The Euronext Global Equity Market (previously BIT GEM) is a one-stop-shop MTF meeting MiFID II best execution requirements and enabling retail investors to trade pan-European and US stocks.         


Learn about the advantages of the Cleared Borrowing and Lending Market, and how it differs from the OTC borrowing & lending market.

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Borsa Italiana's Trading Services



Contact the Operational Client Services Desk for all operational queries and support requests:

  • Across the Euronext Cash Markets, Derivatives Markets and MTFs.
  • In Test and Production environments.

Service hours: 08:00 – 19:00 CET.

Outside of these hours, calls will be transferred automatically to an available Markets Representative (06:30 – 22:30 CET). 

Belgium: +32 2 620 0585

France: +33 1 8514 8585

Ireland: +353 1 6174 289

Italy +39 02 4541 1399

Netherlands: +31 20 721 9585

Norway: +31 20 721 9585

Portugal: +351 2 1060 8585