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Types of Listing

You can opt for a range of transaction types no matter which Euronext market you select.

Initial Listing

Not listed yet? While IPOs are popular with business owners, they are not the only listing option, and you can opt for a range of transaction types no matter which market you select. But depending on how you list and the market you choose, you may need to issue a prospectus approved by the competent authorities.


An IPO (Initial Public Offering) is the first listing of a company's shares on the stock market. It enables the company to raise funds while also allowing existing shareholders to sell their shares. An IPO is the most common way to list a company’s shares on the stock exchange and make them available to both retail and institutional investors.

The IPO journey

Private Placement

In a private placement, shares are sold directly to selected investors. Private placement is used when issuers want to avoid the complexities of a public offering. While generally faster and less expensive than an IPO, a private placement results in lower visibility and liquidity.

Direct Listing

A direct listing is when shares are admitted to trading without raising funds through an IPO or a private placement. 

Dual Listing

Already listed on another exchange? Euronext markets are open to dual listing for companies that wish to access European investors and increase their profile. No matter where your primary market location is, we offer simplified dual listing procedures which allow any listed company to dual list on Euronext markets.

For some countries, we also have agreements with local regulators which allow us to further  accelerate the process (Canada, Chile, Israel, U.K., U.S., Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, etc.).


Euronext Admission Team