Market Surveillance at Euronext

Euronext strives to maintain a fair and orderly market at all times, ensuring a secure environment for investors. Activity on the market is closely monitored by our market surveillance teams in Amsterdam, Oslo and Paris, which are responsible for the investigation and reporting of suspicious matters to the relevant authorities, identifying market manipulation and insider dealing, and monitoring issuers’ compliance with their obligations. Euronext works closely with its national regulators, who form the ‘Euronext College of Regulators’.

Investigation and reporting to the authorities

Euronext has a legal duty to report suspicious matters to the appropriate regulatory authorities, and applies a low threshold of concern in doing so. If Euronext identifies a possible breach of the rules, it immediately initiates a more detailed investigation. Such investigations may result in the Exchange imposing sanctions on members or issuer companies, or referring cases to the authorities.

Market manipulation and insider dealing

Identifying market manipulation and insider dealing represent one of the most important duties of the Market Surveillance Department. Euronext also oversees other rules of conduct with which regulatory authorities and central banks monitor compliance. For example, Euronext reports to the regulatory authorities on a continual basis all breaches of the duty to disclose large shareholdings as well as all breaches by primary insiders of their duty to report their trades.

Monitoring issuers’ compliance with their obligations

Euronext continuously carries out monitoring activities to ensure that issuers comply with the statutory requirements to which they are subject as a result of having a financial instrument admitted to trading on one of the Euronext marketplaces.