Euronext Artificial Intelligence World Index


The thematic index dedicated to the artificial intelligence industry.

Why invest in the artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have brought tremendous change to processes in everyday life. Many tasks have become automated or are at least assisted by advanced algorithms. Globally, the race to AI is accelerating exponentially. 

In Europe, the AI landscape is also in the process of significant evolution. AI-enabled algorithms have been adopted widely, creating increased risks for the safeguarding of data and human rights.
In response, the European Commission has proposed an AI Act, the first of its kind globally, to establish a legal operational framework for all AI deployments with critical impact and to ensure that AI development is human-centric and ethical. The EU’s approach to AI aims to give users the confidence to embrace these technologies while encouraging businesses to develop them.

As a leading index provider in Europe, Euronext’s ambition is to connect European economies to global capital markets, to accelerate innovation and sustainable growth.

Key Principles of the Euronext AI World Index

The Euronext® Artificial Intelligence World Index supports the growing demand for innovative thematic investment solutions by providing exposure to companies active in the field of AI.

The AI World Index tracks the 100 highest ranking companies that are active in the following products or services: Artificial intelligence, Speech recognition, Computer vision, Computer linguistic, Machine learning, Computer audition, Robotics, Discovery, Planning, Creation.

AI Index building blocks

The Companies are identified by SESAMm

The index selects companies based on their exposure and sentiment scores assessed by SESAMm through a granular analysis of public information available on the web.

SESAMm is a leading artificial intelligence and NLP technology company which leverages analysis of over 20 billion documents to produce valuable insights and indicators that improve investment decision-making across various asset classes (equity, fixed-income, alternatives, crypto) and themes (thematic investing).

The Euronext® AI World Index provides opportunities for the creation of a wide range of investment vehicles, such as ETFs, funds and structured products.

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