Financial Derivatives Trading

Invest in Euronext Derivatives

Manage risk and leverage profit opportunities with Euronext financial derivatives.

Find the contract to suit your trading strategy. 

  • Financial derivatives available in all major asset classes
  • Liquidity: market makers and liquidity providers ensure consistent price picture throughout the trading day
  • Central order books on each underlying
  • Widely disseminated prices, available on major data vendors and tradable via over 20 ISVs
  • Manage risk and take advantage of trading opportunities in a transparent and reliable exchange environment.


Euronext Trader-GUI

Euronext Trader, the new trading front-end GUI

Providing to members an easy access to the derivatives market.

Powered by Gatelab, a Euronext company and leading provider of trading and market access solutions.

  • Benefit from a simple and a secure access to Euronext’s derivatives contracts
  • Create a bespoke dashboard according to your needs
  • Profit from basic features accessible for free
  • Take advantage of a simplified access directly via web browser (no installation required)
CAC 40 TRF - Image

Total Return Future (TRF) on the CAC 40 Index

Keeping on surfing the new wave of derivatives
  • A cost-efficient solution replicating the economics of a Total Return Swap
  • The implied equity repo rate on the constituents of the CAC 40 Index in a transparent and secure trading environment.
  • Strong margin offsets with CAC 40 Index Future exposure
  • Quarterly maturities up to 10 years, meeting the needs of long-term investors
  • On-screen price transparency and liquidity provided by BNP Paribas as market maker

More accessible off-book trading

Many contracts available to US investors

Wholesale Trading Offer

Find out about other Euronext Derivatives

Euronext Bank Index Future

Euronext® Eurozone Banks Index Derivatives

Access the banking sector at a fair price:
  • Fair price structure
  • Lower block sizes
  • Higher nominal value
  • Clearing efficiencies
  • On-screen liquidity provided by market makers
  • Multiple counterparties for off-screen liquidity
CAC 40 ESG Future

CAC 40 ESG Index Future

Combining economic performance with Environmental, Social and Governance objectives.
  • Based on Euronext’s first national ESG benchmark (derived from the CAC 40® index family)
  • Manage and hedge ESG portfolios efficiently and in compliance with ESG principle.
  • On-screen liquidity provided by market makers committed towards sustainable finance
Hourglass Single Stock Dividend Futures. Shorter maturities to better manage dividend risk.

Euronext Single Stock Dividend Futures

Hedge your dividend risk and reduce your volatility exposure:
  • Quarterly and semi-annual maturities give a unique opportunity to face the exceptional circumstances affecting dividend distributions
  • Benefit from competitive pricing, strong clearing efficiencies and high 10k multiplier
Non-Euro currencies visual

Derivatives contracts in non-Euro currencies

  • Trade a wide range of Single Stock and Single Stock Dividend Futures in non-Euro currencies
  • Contracts available in CHF, DKK, NOK, SEK and USD


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