Euronext Mid-Point Match

Order, Set and Match:
your execution performance straight to the point

The non-displayed order book enabling to trade stocks at the mid-point of Euronext's Primary Best Bid and Offer and to remove the trading latency coming from dark pools of London-based MTFs.

Source liquidity in Dark and Lit trading pools thanks to Dark Mid-Point and Mid-Point Dark-Lit Sweep functionalities within Euronext's Central Order Book:

  • Dark orders are pegged to the real-time mid-point of the Euronext BBO
  • Dark-to-lit sweep orders interact with Euronext Central Order Book at zero latency
  • No latency in mid-point computation, enabling lower market impact compared to London MTFs displaying mid-point with 7-8 milliseconds delay
  • No implicit latency cost
  • Under the Reference Price Waiver (RPW) for small trades, and Large-In-Scale (LIS) for blocks
  • Minimum Acceptable Quantity (MAQ) and Minimum Execution Size (MES) are available to protect your execution
  • Unique pool of liquidity fostered by local brokers and investors

Available on Euronext’s 7 main markets

Euronext Mid-Point Match has no latency, while London-based MTFs show 7-8 millisecond latency in importing Euronext Mid-Point prices.


More about Euronext Mid-Point Match

Non-displayed trading functionalities in the Lit Euronext Central Order book.

How to avoid a ‘latency tax’ when trading continental stocks in the Dark

The Euronext Quant Research Team released a study: « The latency costs of Dark MTFs on continental stocks: How kilometres translate into basis points »

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