Euronext Securities Copenhagen is committed to conducting business with high standards of ethical conduct, integrity and doing the right thing for our customers, colleagues and society.

Our whistleblowing solution ensures that all of those who are, or have been, in a work-related context with us, have the right to speak up and always feel safe in doing so if they have concerns about suspected misconduct such as breaches of human rights, or irregularities such as fraudulent, inappropriate, dishonest, illegal or negligent activity or behaviour in our operations, products or services. This includes any action that constitutes a violation of laws or regulations, or of our internal policies or guidelines.

The whistleblower solution is a supplement to the direct and daily communication in the workplace about errors and unsatisfactory conditions etc. Problems should therefore initially be sought to be resolved by contacting e.g. immediate manager, the HR or Compliance department or the trade union representative.

Whistleblowing via the online tool

How to report

You report anonymously via online tool IntegrityLog. The service meets high security requirements regarding data security and protection of the whistleblower's identity. 


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IntegrityLog is an easy online tool that allows safe, anonymous reporting of all potential ethical violations and wrongdoing. IntegrityLog can automate whistleblowing, save you time and ensure you comply, easily and securely. Everything is tailored to the requirements of your specific organisation.


Ulrika Rørvig - Euronext Securities Nordic Chief Compliance Officer

Ulrika Rørvig

Nordic Chief Compliance Officer