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Why invest in thematic indices?

Thematic investing is an alternative to traditional investment, offering diversification and aiming to create long-term value on future trends.
New technologies are at the root of many thematic investments, providing early access to growth opportunities around the world before they become mainstream.
An investment strategy based on thematic indices offers investors a data-driven way to gain exposure to companies that match their interests.

As a leading index provider, Euronext aims to provide its clients with tools that expose them to this growing asset class while benefiting from high level operational and regulatory security.
Euronext Thematic Indices are to help investors identify companies that are actively implicated in a specific activity.

A sample of Euronext’s thematic indices

We are proud to present our new range of thematic indices that follow disruptive and secular growth themes including AI and Robotics, Technology, Wind and Solar, etc.
These indices target markets likely to grow faster than the global economy.
Euronext works closely with partners that prioritise high-quality data and granularity. Thematic indices go beyond traditional sector-based indices.

Euronext range of thematic indices includes:

Euronext indices are used by financial institutions all around the world with more than 15,000 ETFs, funds and derivatives associated to our indices with billions of AUM.

Learn more about Euronext thematic Indices

As a leading index provider in Europe for 40 years, Euronext has extensive expertise across a wide range of ESG and thematic indices, and is strongly engaged in supporting the financial sector’s sustainable transition. 


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