Euronext Helios Space Index


The first European Space index to measure the stock market performance of European space companies.

Why invest in the Euronext Helios Space Index?

Euronext and the European Space Agency, in collaboration with the European Commission and Promus Ventures, have developed the first Euronext European Space-related index, measuring the stock market performance of European companies in the Space sector.

The Euronext® Helios Space Index is designed to display a fair and balanced representation of companies involved in the Space industry including European-born and European-operated space companies.

The Helios Space Index helps investors to identify companies with ‘upstream’ or ‘downstream’ activities related to the Space industry, which are within ESA (European Space Agency) Member States or benefiting from European support (business incubation, acceleration, financing).

ENX Helios space index building blocks

The Euronext® Helios Space Index offers opportunities for the creation of a wide range of investment vehicles such as ETFs, funds and structured products.

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Euronext Helios Space Index Rules   |   Euronext Helios Space Press Release


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