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Euronext Tech Leaders is Euronext's initiative dedicated to highlighting the visibility and attractiveness of high-growth and leading Tech companies towards international investors, together with a suite of services to support them along their listing journey. 

Euronext’s rich Tech ecosystem brings together 700+ Tech companies listed on Euronext markets with 900+ alumni of its pre-IPO programmes and a large international investor base financing all growth profiles of Tech companies.

Euronext Tech Leaders is composed of 120+ high-growth and leading companies, each meeting a specific set of criteria to qualify. It complements Euronext's existing Tech offer and aims to strengthen the European Tech sector and be a catalyst for the next generation of Tech leaders.

A full suite of services

A full suite of services

To support the Euronext Tech Leaders, Euronext and its partners are offering a full suite of services: 

  • The Euronext Tech Leaders index - encompassing all member companies of Euronext Tech Leaders; 
  • A full suite of advisory and communication services to raise the international profile of listed European tech companies;
  • Exclusive access to top tier events organised by Euronext and its network of partners, including the Euronext Tech Leaders Campus, the annual meeting for European Tech companies;
  • Improved trading conditions on Euronext Tech Leaders stocks for retail investors as well as analytics coverage, thanks to Euronext’s partnership with Early Metrics.

Who are the Euronext Tech Leaders?

About Euronext Tech Leaders

Euronext, in partnership with Early Metrics, a leader in independent start-up ratings, valuations and analysis of Tech trends, will provide analytics on the Euronext Live website for all Euronext Tech Leaders1.

[1]For technical reasons, the coverage of the companies will be phased in, and at launch will temporarily exclude companies listed on Euronext Milan.

Euronext Tech Leaders is composed of innovative, high-growth and leading Tech companies that are listed on Euronext markets and comply with the following financial and non-financial criteria. To belong to the Euronext Tech Leaders initiative, a company must meet the following criteria:
  • Be admitted to trading on the Euronext Regulated Markets or Euronext Growth 
  • Be a Tech company as per the methodology applied by Euronext (the methodology is described below in “Euronext Tech classification methodology”)
  • Have a market capitalisation superior to €300m on the cut-off date2
  • For companies with a market capitalisation below €1bn and with latest annual consolidated revenue above €50m, a minimum revenue growth rate should be applied according to the following criteria: 
    • For companies with latest annual consolidated revenue above €500m: ≥5% revenue CAGR3  over the last three financial years
    • For companies with latest annual consolidated revenue between €100m and €500m: ≥10% revenue CAGR over the last three financial years
    • For companies with latest annual consolidated revenue below €100m: ≥20% revenue CAGR over the last three financial years
  • For companies with a market capitalisation below €1bn and with latest annual consolidated revenue below €50m, a minimum fundraising of €50m over the last three calendar years4 should be applied. In the case of a new listed company, only the gross proceeds at the initial admission are considered.

Note that no performance criteria are required for companies with a market capitalisation above €1bn. 

[2] Cut-off date for calculating companies' market capitalisations is set as 30 April
[3] CAGR: Compound Annual Growth Rate
[4] Through equity capital increases at the initial admission or during subsequent admissions, including business combinations

The table below lists the subsectors defined by Euronext to identify the eligible technology companies5.



Companies specialising in the use of living organisms and molecular biology to develop technologies and products with healthcare and environment applications.


Companies developing products and solutions dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients. The sector includes implants, general medical devices, diagnostics and imaging equipment, and other ancillary component supplies.


Energy efficiency

Companies offering proprietary technologies and services to reduce the amount of energy consumed by different sectors of the economy.

Green production practices

Companies developing production practices, products or services to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

Pollution mitigation, conservation and restoration

Companies developing technologies focused on reducing pollution or conserving and restoring natural ecologies.

Clean energy sources

Companies involved in the production, storage and distribution of renewable or low carbon energy sources, including clean hydrogen or renewable energies.


Digital services and technology advisory

Companies specialising in new technologies and information technology services, which take the form of technology consulting, software development or other IT specific services (data, IT infrastructure, cloud computing, etc.).

Hardware and robotics

Companies specialising in the development of programmable and automated systems, robots or cutting-edge machinery.


Technology-enabled companies offering improved or more reliable services in the financial, payment and banking sectors.


Companies specialising in the production of microchips, semiconductors and other electrical components, devices or systems.


Companies producing commercial off-the-shelf software, software as a service, software components, application services or bespoke software.

e-commerce and market place

Companies offering an online marketplace for buying or selling of products or engaged in the sale of their products and services on their dedicated online platform.

Digital media and entertainment

Companies specialising in the development of social media, video games, streaming platforms or other forms of tech-enabled media or entertainment.

[5] This methodology may evolve over time, on the occasion of the annual review, to align with market practices.

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