Traderpath Suite For Cloud

The full traderpath suite of trading, algos and order matching solutions can be accessed in an IAAS or PAAS model, deployed in a private (customer's or hybrid) and/or public cloud allowing end-users to be completely free from a technology infrastructure and related investment in support resources.

The suite offers functionally rich, component-based solutions while giving each customer the possibility to pay for what they actually need, and only for the time period they have used the solution.

By adopting the IAAS or PAAS high-availability service, any buy-side or sell-side financial institution can quickly set-up its own trading room for accessing global exchanges and trading venues.

The IAAS or PAAS service also addresses the "market proximity" goal for those markets where the customer has membership and the market provides a hosting service.

Any traderpath component can be accessed during the trading hours of each specific market with non-stop monitoring by our support desk.

The full traderpath cloud suite is:

  • a complete multi-tenant platform
  • supported by a 3-tier architecture
  • with server-side services delivering scalability, availability and market proximity
  • while client-side access options (GUI, API, FIX) rely on via intranet, extranet or internet

The full traderpath cloud suite is currently deployed in the data centre of an Italian service provider that delivers trading and clearing services to more than 800 interconnected users via GUIs, API or FIX channels.



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