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Trusted by sovereigns, banks and corporates alike

Spread over Europe, Asia and America, Euronext’s global infrastructure features nine highly liquid markets and MTFs, offering a deep capital pool and a trusted listing venue to issuers across 100+ jurisdictions. 

Euronext has been the preferred listing destination for a number of prominent issuers such as the National Treasury Management Agency of Ireland and Swedbank AB.

You can list MTNs in 20+ currencies, which enables you to diversify the way you raise capital.

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Trusted by MTN issuers across all sectors

Join the green MTN market

Along with sustainable bonds, green MTNs have also been gaining momentum. This makes them a great opportunity for issuers to receive consistent and flexible funding while helping build a better future for all of us.

Euronext has supported 800+ issuers in issuing green/ESG debt securities, including both corporate issuers and sovereign issuers such as the Société du Grand Paris (SGP).  

ESG Bonds instruments


With headquarters in Europe, we follow the EU regulatory framework with its relevant regulations and directives. Our listing rules are available on our website and we are happy to discuss should you have any queries on their application.

Euronext operates six regulated markets in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Paris and Oslo as well as two MTFs — Euronext Global Exchange Market and Euronext Access & Growth.  

Yes, you can. If you need guidance during the process, you can turn to our experienced professionals, who have supported a number of issuers in listing global MTN programmes in various currencies.

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Pastore Maurizio

Maurizio Pastore

Head of Debt Listing

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Yann Kerhoas - Vice President- Debt listing & ESG

Yann Kerhoas

Vice President- Debt listing & ESG

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Anna Marucci - Head of Debt and Funds Listing Italy

Anna Marucci

Head of Debt and Funds Listing Italy

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Valerie O'Flaherty - VP - International Bond Listings

Valerie O'Flaherty

VP - International Bond Listings