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Issuance Services

We deliver end-to-end solutions for securities issuance and provide reliable safe-keeping along with an efficient platform for settlement and ownership tracking. 

Our comprehensive Corporate Actions processing for mandatory and voluntary events help issuers manage the entire life cycle of their securities from issuance to redemption.  

We provide Issuers with regulatory compliance support, including disclosure, reporting and tax-related obligations, assistance with collateral management across various asset classes, including equities, fixed income and derivatives and offer a full set of investor communication services to facilitate transparent and efficient information exchange between Issuers and investors, (proxy voting, meeting services and general investor communication) 

Enabling issuers to steer the complexities of the securities market:

Standard Issuance Services

  • Membership
  • ISIN admission*
  • Securities digitalisation in the centralised administration system (all assets such as Bonds, ABS, Equities, Certificates, etc)
  • Support for listing on Stock Exchanges 
  • Full set of notifications to issuers and investors in standard market format
  • Swift message announcements to the Issuer's investor base  (e.g.: buyback, Dutch auctions, early repayment, etc.)
  • SRDII compliant support to General Meetings (from announcement to execution)
  • Shareholder Identification, FIS and RCC services 
  • Daily reporting and reconciliation

*The necessary ISIN code for each security to be centralised must be preventively requested to the Italian Numbering Agency (Bank of Italy).

Value-Added Solutions

Issuing Euro-MTNs and Eurobonds

BPER Banca issues the first Euro-MTN in full dematerialised form in Italy

Marco Biale, Head of Structured Finance for Bper Banca explains the decision to issue their first fixed-to-floating Senior Non-Preferred bond in Euronext Securities Milan and the success behind the operation.

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