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A wide range of biodiversity index solutions

We offer a high-level range of indices focusing on biodiversity. Euronext suite of Biodiversity Indices aims to identify companies that are managing well their material biodiversity impacts from different perspectives, either by excluding the worst performers or by selecting the best performers.

Why invest in biodiversity?

Biodiversity is essential to sustaining humanity and all life on earth. Nature plays a critical role in sustaining life, it covers the processes that make up our ecosystems and gives us clear water, air, food and medicines. The current acceleration of global biodiversity loss is one of the most significant threats to society (OECD, 2019). 

Human-driven biodiversity loss is one of today’s main challenges: financial institutions and companies are encouraged to monitor and disclose their risks and negative impacts on biodiversity and the demand for index solutions that consider the biodiversity impact of companies is still growing. Financial institutions have an important role to play in tackling the preservation of biodiversity. 

Euronext, as a leading pan-European index provider, is strongly committed to early action. 

Euronext biodiversity indices key principles

On top of excluding companies with a high negative impact on biodiversity, the index methodology also includes broad ESG consideration with exclusions based on controversial products involvement exclusions and UN Global Compact principles controversy.

Our suite of Biodiversity indices:

Euronext awarded for Biodiversity Indices


SRP Awards logo 2023




The Euronext® Euro Large Cap Biodiversity Leaders 30 Index has been awarded “Index of the Year 2023” by structured products data and market intelligence provider at SRP Europe 2023.

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Euronext has also won “Excellence Award for Robust Biodiversity Solutions 2023” by neutral and independent finance experts at the Wealth&Finance Awards 2023.


Euronext indices are used by financial institutions all around the world with more than 15,000 ETFs, funds and derivatives associated to our indices with billions of AUM.


As a leading index provider in Europe for 40 years, Euronext has extensive expertise across a wide range of ESG and thematic indices, and is strongly engaged in supporting the financial sector’s sustainable transition. Our ability to adapt and offer suitable and innovative solutions to our clients makes Euronext one of the main ESG index providers.


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