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Corporate Actions Notification

Euronext Securities Porto ensures not only the exercise of ownership rights and other events related to the securities registered in the Centralised Systems under its management, but also their dissemination to the Financial Intermediaries and other similar Entities, through the Corporate Actions Notification and/or Confirmation service.

What is the Corporate Actions Notification Service?

This service is performed through real-time messages via the STD – Data Transfer System – and via SWIFT.

The messages sent follow the European harmonization criteria and the events are classified according to the international standards.

How the events are identified?

The identification of the events is assigned by Euronext Securities Porto according to the COAF coding – Official Corporate Actions Event Reference. This code of up to 16 alphanumeric characters contains a two-character prefix, which identifies the coding entity (‘PT’, in the Portuguese case).

How the events are disclosed?

The events submitted by the Issuers (or by a representing entity) are disclosed to the Participants adhering to this service, upon receipt and validation by Euronext Securities Porto.

  • The use of the Corporate Actions Notification and/or Confirmation service is optional, not free of charge, and needs a previous registration.
  • Information on how to subscribe to Notification and / or Event Confirmation messages is available in the support documentation.

Support Documentation

  • PDF

Subscription of Messages

English Version

English Subscription of Messages /sites/default/files/2024-01/Subscription%20of%20Messages.pdf
  • PDF

Layouts ISO 15022 Messages-Specifications

English Version

English Layouts ISO 15022 Messages-Specifications /sites/default/files/2024-02/Layouts%20ISO%2015022%20Messages-Specifications.pdf