Riskpath For Sponsored Access

riskpath for sponsored market access is a pure software, low-latency, high-throughput broker solution for normalising market access, operational risk checking and forwarding of orders to target markets.

riskpath users can leverage multiple FIX connections (4.x and 5.x) and multiple market connections to:

  • Receive clients' orders
  • Validate them against a wealth of configurable risk checks using real-time market data where applicable
  • Store for audit trail reports
  • Execute orders in target markets
  • Return execution reports to both broker and client

There are 20 risk checks available for Equities, Forex, Futures and Options including real-time margin calculations via SPAN and VAR.

Latency is a key element at all stages of order management: speeding up the process of receiving orders, validating them to be risk checked, storing them for audit trail purposes and then sending them to the target market.

In the above-mentioned scenarios

  • riskpath for sponsored access can deliver:
    • Maximum roundtrip latency of less than 30 µs (NIC to NIC)
    • <15 µs to receive, store, analyse, validate and send orders to a market
    • <15 µs to receive, store and notify trades to clients and brokers

From a technology perspective

  • riskpath is a single Linux-based, multi-threaded process with:
    • Multiple Risk Gateways which can be deployed onto the same physical server following a CPU core ratio to sustain a continuously less than (15+15) µs latency without internal queues
    • Active-passive nodes, with node switching requiring <500 µs. This implementation has been adopted for handling any kind of fault



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