Traderpath For Market-Making

traderpath for market-making is a MiFID compliant solution for multi-market, multi-asset price-making and quoting.

It is an integral part of traderpath, a modular-based suite of services for professional trading, which provides:

  • Pre-trade and trading operations with real-time risk controls, leveraging algopath 
  • Post-trade operations such as transaction reporting, transparency obligations, trade and order feeds into position keeping and back-office systems via dealpath

Traderpath provides financial institutions with a unified platform with which to interact with multiple trading venues and data vendors. It is a high-performance environment for traders to achieve an easy and cost-effective framework, easily integrated with proprietary or 3rd party order management, pricing, position keeping and back-office systems.

Built with a service-oriented architecture, traderpath enables the rapid adoption of new functionality, trading venues and data vendors. Additional user-defined quoting, trading and hedging strategies can be seamlessly created, tested and deployed via algopath dynamically expanding the toolkit of built-in algorithms.

Traderpath features

Manual and automated quoting on regulated markets and multilateral trading facilities

Dissemination of prices to data vendors, internal sales desks and internet

Market watching and trading with fast order entry

Manual and automated generation and management of RFQs

Dynamic configurable operational limits per desk, user, user group

Marked-to-market position keeping per portfolio, market, instrument

Built-in pricing, hedging, spread/pairs trading, position keeping services

Integration with third-party pricing engines and position keeping systems

Fast and easy building, execution and control of proprietary trading/market making models using high-level rule-based (events-actions) language

Resilient architecture to deliver fault tolerance and load balancing

Internet/intranet/extranet deployment


Since front-office platforms produce ever-growing transaction volumes, routing multiple instrument orders, trades and currencies efficiently and cost-effectively to position keeping, middle and back-office systems is becoming increasingly crucial.

dealpath provides a configurable solution to address this issue. Orders and trades (captured in real-time from a wide range of trading venues) can be routed to various non-exclusive destinations, such as: position keeping and risk management systems, middle and back-office systems, post-trade transparency and transaction reporting sites.

By means of dynamic, user-defined rules dealpath can also enrich order/trade feeds with additional information and route each one accordingly to its correct destination.

Boosted by exception management repair, play-back, reconciliation functionality, fault tolerance and high performance, dealpath is the single environment for all financial institutions to feed all types of post-trading systems for trade audit trail, compliance validation and order tracking in a fast and reliable way.

Dealpath features

Fully scalable high performance platform

Resilient architecture to deliver fault tolerance and load balancing

Multi-source (trading venues) and multi-destination (position keeping, middle-office, back-office systems) capability

Configurable order and trade rules for automated data conversion/enrichment and subsequent routing to target systems

Playback functionality to re-process failed routing operations

Reconciliation functionality for retrieving and cross-checking all daily activities

Reporting facility to trace all daily activities


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