Exchangepath For SI/OTF/MTF

exchangepath, the multi-asset matching platform with performance, resiliency, reliability and low TCO

Regulatory changes introduced by the MiFID have driven the growth of Alternative Liquidity Venues and Systematic Internalisation services offered by brokering firms.

These new market entrants, along with institutional exchanges, are now striving hard to compete for liquidity, trying to avoid being part of any subsequent consolidation.

Trading venues endeavour to provide flexible, high-performance trading with low start-up and running costs in order to offer sensible transaction fees to attract buy-side liquidity.

Through exchangepath, Gatelab offers a multi-asset matching platform that features unprecedented performance, resiliency and reliability with low total cost of ownership.

exchangepath can manage incoming orders, match them and deliver matching results continuously, in less than 50 µs at the end-user’s gateway. Thus, it is capable of handling 100,000+ transactions per second and 50,000+ market data notifications per second with small hardware footprint.

exchangepath allows easy and quick development of private e-marketplaces, intra-group and inter-group regulated markets that can address any possible trading mode, such as order-driven or quote-driven markets, for different asset classes.

exchangepath is deployed onto a standard Linux multi-server network, without database support, providing end-users with native APIs or FIX and FAST protocols for trading and market data.

Exchangepath features

Very high throughput with very low latency (<<50 µs) and near-zero jitter

Scalable Trading Capacity: 100,000+ transactions/second per market partition

Scalable Ticker Plant Capacity: 50,000+ messages/second per channel

Low cost of implementation, yearly operation, low man/machine ratio usage

Co-existence of different types of marketplaces within the same infrastructure

Configurability of traded asset classes, trading rules and market data distribution


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