Register and AGM meeting platform

Introducing Euronext Securities new Register and AGM meeting platform 

This convergence project aims to make our clients experience even better by streamlining our Issuer Services applications, specifically for General Meetings and Shareholder Registers across CSDs. 

Our focus is on replacing old systems and creating a set of applications that are easy to use and adaptable. We want to ensure scalability and flexibility, taking into account the unique needs of different markets. We're starting this journey in Denmark, Norway, and Italy, and Portugal is next on the list. 

Specific Project Components: 

Shareholder register

Shareholder Register

An online list of all the current (and historical) investors of an organisation along with the amount of their holdings which is updated when a given investor makes a trade (frequency of update standard differs from market to market).  

pre meeting


The pre-meeting component is an application that caters to all the functionality required leading up to the live event of the general meeting. This primarily involves inputting and collecting all the relevant data including meeting details, proxy votes (cast in advance), power of attorneys, requests for admissions, meeting agenda, voting rules and restrictions.  

Naturally the system must ensure that each shareholder is entitled to the votes associated with the number of shares dictated that they hold in the shareholder register (subject to voting rules/restrictions stated in the company’s articles of association).  

in meeting


The in-meeting component can be considered the system that supports the on-the-day event of the general meeting. This includes functionality that provides participants access to see and hear the meeting as well as authenticating their credentials along with the correct amount of votes based upon their holdings. Furthermore, it should allow both physical and virtual participants functionality to interact with the meeting in order to make their voices heard. Also, it must allow participants to cast votes on the agenda points which can be simply yes/no votes but also more complicated, e.g., elections with voting restrictions, split voting. The system will support integrations with various audio/video providers such as Company Webcast, however, will also work on a standalone basis (i.e., without necessarily using this integration). The system will allow shareholders to seamlessly participate in a general meeting either fully virtually or hybrid (i.e., attend meeting physically, however cast vote via device) with their computer and/or smartphone.  

post meeting


The post meeting component includes the reports that are generated after the Meeting (Vote results etc.)