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Our meeting services include

Annual General Meeting

Proxy Voting Services

Virtual General Meetings

As a limited liability company, you are obliged to hold an annual general meeting. To ensure compliance with the regulations and to fulfil investor expectations, detailed planning and specialised expertise are required. Moreover, during peak periods this will lay claim to resources that may be costly and difficult to provide internally.

Our tried and tested platform and experienced meeting services team can ensure that your AGM runs efficiently, from A to Z. We handle a number of processes before, during and after the AGM and our services can be tailored specifically to your needs including a fully or partially virtual general meeting. Our solutions are also optimised to support other types of meetings – such as shareholder meetings, investor meetings, etc.

Choose Euronext Securities as your meeting services business partner and your meeting will be in safe hands. Our services secure compliance with regulatory changes i.e. Shareholders Rights Directive (SRDII).

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Overview of our Meeting Services

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English 29/06/2023 Overview of our Meeting Services /sites/default/files/2023-06/es-cph_general-meeting-services_one-pager_190623.pdf

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Get best practice meeting services before, during and after

Let us help you during all phases of your AGM, since we provide meeting services from A to Z. In the planning phase, our knowledge of best practice will benefit your processes. During the general meeting we can keep track of rights, register attendance and complete voting, and after the general meeting we can provide all necessary reports.

We offer help for foreign shareholders wishing to vote

Regulatory barriers are traditionally the reason that many foreign shareholders’ votes are not accepted at Danish AGMs. The challenge is that most foreign shareholders have their shares registered to nominee accounts and are therefore not listed directly in the company’s shareholder register. As a consequence, the shareholder has to document ownership before obtaining voting rights.

With the introduction of Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD II) the access for foreign investors to vote and Danish AGM's has increased, but so has the technical knowledge required to process voting instructions.

We have prepared a general guide to the Danish regulations for non-Danish shareholders and their voting service providers. One of the guide’s key points is that by starting early companies, custodian banks, and advisers can assist foreign investors to fulfil all the conditions for their votes to be approved.

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ES Copenhagen - Guide to non-Danish shareholders

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English 31/10/2022 ES Copenhagen - Guide to non-Danish shareholders /sites/default/files/2023-06/Guide%20to%20non-Danish%20shareholders.pdf

Meet investors who are unable to attend physical meetings

As a limited liability company or investment fund, you can offer virtual general meetings to your investors, if your articles of association allows this format. This might benefit investors who are unable to attend the physical meetings

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Shareholder Register Services


We offer a safe and simple shareholder register service.


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