Convergence projects

Welcome to the Euronext Securities Convergence Project Showcase

Here, three distinct projects unite to exemplify our commitment to innovation . Within this space, we invite you to explore the synergy of these projects as they converge to redefine the landscape of securities trading. Each project embodies the core values of Euronext Securities, integrating cutting-edge technology, rigorous analysis, and strategic foresight.

Discover how these projects individually contribute to the advancement of our mission and vision, and witness the transformative power of convergence as they seamlessly intertwine. As we unveil the collective impact of these initiatives, join us in reimagining the future of securities trading on Euronext. Welcome to a platform where innovation, efficiency, and reliability converge to shape the future of finance.

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Biling Enhancement

Introducing a new unified Billing Platform!

Euronext Securities is building a new Billing platform to streamline processing  and optimise operational efficiency and accuracy. This convergence project ensures early adoption of the Eurosystem Collateral Management System (ECMS) SCoRE standards and enhances the overall billing experience for our clients across our four CSDs.  

With the new platform, customers will be able to access Euronext Securities invoice documentation in machine-readable formats, and view additional information on how amounts are calculated, offering deeper and more granular insights into the billing process.

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Online Meeting

Register and AGM platform

Introducing Euronext Securities new Register and AGM meeting platform 

This convergence project aims to make our clients experience even better by streamlining our Issuer Services applications, specifically for General Meetings and Shareholder Registers across CSDs. 

Our focus is on replacing old systems and creating a set of applications that are easy to use and adaptable. We want to ensure scalability and flexibility, taking into account the unique needs of different markets. We're starting this journey in Denmark, Norway, and Italy, and Portugal is next on the list. 

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Writing Board

Corporate Event Services

Euronext Securities is pleased to share its Corporate Events Service Description Document.   

We encourage our clients to leverage this comprehensive resource to gain a thorough understanding of our envisioned goals. The document articulates Euronext's vision of a completely harmonised and secure method for managing Corporate Events across all assets classes in our CSDs by the end of 2025.  This vision aligns with the primary standards set by the ECB's AMI-SeCo working groups, reflecting the state of the European initiative as of December 2023.  Corporate Events plays a key role in capital markets and we are committed to streamlining and simplifying the process to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Following the publication of our initial draft document  (White Paper) in July 2023, we gathered feedback from clients to complete the final document.  

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