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Euronext Securities Milan provides bespoke, innovative and efficient securities services to support the strategies of leading enterprises from corporations to financial institutions and capital market investors.

Whether you require support in equity or debt capital market transactions, our experienced teams wlll work in partnership with you throughout the life-cycle of the deal. 

The choice of Euronext Securities Milan as Issuer CSD grants issuers global investor reach through direct or indirect links with each CSD of reference.

Euronext Securities Milan serves over 3,200 domestic and international Issuers.

Issuer Services

Clients interested in becoming Issuers on Euronext Securities Milan can also refer to the Issuers Onboarding FAQs which outlines the necessary actions to fulfil for admission.   

FAQs Issuer Onboarding


Simone Canova

Business Development Manager

Pierluigi Dimonopoli

Head of Business Development Issuers