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Choosing Advisors

An IPO is a complex transaction and the process takes five or six months to complete, and the fit, experience, and sector knowledge of the company’s advisors are critical to success.

Going Public with Euronext: The Advisors

To go public, companies must carefully consider and select their partners.

Follow Sarah’s adventures, listing on the Euronext markets and gain an in-depth understanding of your listing partners' mandatory roles.


Types of IPO Advisors

Companies interested in going public will have to pay careful attention to their choice of partners. An in-depth understanding of each advisor’s role is essential to the selection process. Choose them well.

You will find an outline of each type of advisor below.

During an IPO, Investment banks play a number of roles at different stages in the process. These include advising, managing the process and underwriting (where the bank acts as an intermediary between you and investors). The bank implements the transaction as your trusted partner.

Companies appoint several Investment banks, named as 'Banking syndicates'. Usually, one bank is named “Global Coordinator/Lead Manager”, which means it is responsible for coordinating and implementing the IPO and maintaining a relationship with the market regulator. The other banks act as Joint- Bookrunners/Co-leads; their role and scope depend on the syndicate (structuring, placement, research).

Investment banks also act as listing agents. Listing agents are all market members accredited to advise companies on listing on Euronext markets. These investment banks are the official intermediary between the stock exchange and the company for admissions on the Euronext regulated market.

Your legal advisor will work alongside you to ensure that your company is ready for listing. They will advise you on your regulatory duties before and after listing.

They perform due diligence on your company. This is vital to minimise potential liability for your company and its board of directors. Any issues that arise from the due diligence can then be rectified before listing.

The legal advisor will also draft and verify information for your Information Document or Prospectus.

The reporting accountant is central to your team and is often your auditor. They will review and report on your financial records and corporate structure. They will carry out financial due diligences and help you prepare for being a listed company.

They will summarise your financial information for inclusion in the Information Document / Prospectus. 

Your Communications / PR advisor will help to promote your business and its potential in the wider market. Creating a strong media presence is an important aspect of the IPO. They will assist in developing key messages and communication materials (press release, website, social media) for all stakeholders as part of your IPO process.

They will also provide media training and support for your key executives.

Listing sponsors /advisors are banks or independent advisors that play a support role in the listing of companies on our markets. They are accredited by Euronext, and their special status and presence are designed to enhance investor confidence.

Prior to any listing, a certain amount of legal “housekeeping” and preparation is required to ensure that shares are suitable for listing, that the company complies with relevant legal requirements, and that current and future investor needs are met.

The listing sponsor / advisor is a key player for the company and investors, and acts as the primary contact for Euronext.

The appointment of a listing sponsor / advisor by the issuer is mandatory for an admission to listing on Euronext Growth, Euronext Access and Euronext Access+ and Euronext Dublin. You must retain a listing sponsor or advisor at all times if you are listed on Euronext Access+ , Euronext Growth and Euronext Dublin.


Choosing your market

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Depending on the specific features and nature of your IPO, additional advisors may be involved. These include intellectual property advisors, independent real estate assessors, technical advisors on due diligence, registrars, etc.