Euronext Crypto-asset Indices


A Crypto Index family to provide aggregated reference prices.

Why invest in Crypto assets?


Crypto-assets represent a major shift in the financial market, and in recent years have grown in popularity. 

This market is still maturing and finding its place in the regulatory world; Crypto-asset markets are a growing segment and are attracting increasing institutional clients’ demand.

Regulators recognise that crypto-assets will have a significant place in financial market and that they can support financial inclusion, provide secure payments and improve controls and efficiencies.

The European Union is preparing a dedicated framework to regulate crypto-assets, which is expected to be ready in 2023/2024. This new legislation ambitions is to mitigate risks and give legal certainty to both issuers of these assets and investors.

Euronext Crypto Index family

To continue supporting the growing demand for innovative investment solutions, the Euronext crypto indices family measures aggregated crypto exchange rates against US Dollars for main crypto-assets.

Euronext has carefully selected these crypto-assets based on liquidity and other main criteria (such as robustness of the underlying use case and the market valuation of the crypto-assets) in partnership with a crypto-asset specialist.

Euronext Crypto Indices are based on written and transparent rules and procedures with the purpose of minimizing as much as possible the exercise of discretion and expert judgment. The Euronext Crypto Indices are built from input data that is not interpolated, extrapolated or adjusted. In case of lack of data, the last available data is used.

Created in partnership with Compass Financial Technologies

Euronext has partnered with Compass Financial Technologies to develop its crypto indices.

Euronext crypto indices can serve as benchmarks for investors willing to issue investment products tracking crypto-asset prices or serve as independent and transparent prices to value crypto-asset portfolios.

Euronext crypto indices are designed to meet the requirements of EU BMR with trades observed on various eligible exchanges (currently include Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken and Lmax. This selection is based on volumes and whitelisting).

Opportunities for a large range of investment vehicles such as ETPs.

Focus on the Euronext Crypto Select Top 25 index

The Euronext® Crypto Select Top 25 Index provides broad exposure to the overall crypto-asset market while limiting the weight of any single asset to 30%. The index selects the top 25 ranked crypto-assets based on whitelist and market capitalization, meeting minimum volume and market capitalization thresholds. Index weightings are based on the market capitalisation of each asset, with a cap at 30%.

Index Name ISIN Bloomberg
Euronext Crypto Select Top 25 Index NLIX00001544 ENXI25
Euronext Crypto Select Top 25 Real Time Index NLIX00001551 ENXRTI25


Euronext’s range of single crypto indices

Euronext Crypto Single Name Indices measure crypto exchange rates against US Dollars for the main cryptocurrencies. Indices are computed and published every trading day. Euronext Crypto Indices are based on one single crypto-asset. The objective of crypto indices is to serve as benchmarks for investors willing to issue investment products tracking crypto-assets prices or serve as independent and transparent prices to value crypto-assets portfolios. These indices follow a resilient methodology and are calculated on the collection of all observable prices for one specific crypto-asset on different selected exchanges, following an approach designed in partnership with Compass Financial Technologies.

Discover Euronext’ main Single Names Crypto indices below, also available in a “Real Time” version:

Index Name ISIN Bloomberg
Euronext Crypto Index Aave NLIX00001171 ENXAAVE
Euronext Crypto Index Algorand NLIX00001130 ENXALGO
Euronext Crypto Index Avalanche NLIX00000157 ENXAVA 
Euronext Crypto Index Basic Attention Coin NLIX00001247 ENXBAT
Euronext Crypto Index Bitcoin NLIX00000074 ENXBTC 
Euronext Crypto Index Bitcoin Cash NLIX00001080 ENXBCH
Euronext Crypto Index Cardano NLIX00000108 ENXADA 
Euronext Crypto Index Chainlink NLIX00001056 ENXLINK
Euronext Crypto Index Cosmos NLIX00001163 ENXICP
Euronext Crypto Index Curve DAO Token NLIX00001205 ENXCRV
Euronext Crypto Index Decentraland NLIX00001189 ENXMANA
Euronext Crypto Index Enjin NLIX00001288 ENXENJ
Euronext Crypto Index EOS NLIX00001155 ENXEOS
Euronext Crypto Index Ethereum NLIX00000082 ENXETH 
Euronext Crypto Index FANTOM NLIX00001148 ENXFTM
Euronext Crypto Index Filecoin NLIX00001098 ENXFIL
Euronext Crypto Index Internet Computer NLIX00001122 ENXATOM
Euronext Crypto Index Lido Dao NLIX00001106 ENXLDO
Euronext Crypto Index Litecoin NLIX00001049 ENXLTC
Euronext Crypto Index Loopring NLIX00001239 ENXLRC
Euronext Crypto Index Maker NLIX00001213 ENXMKR
Euronext Crypto Index Near NLIX00001114 ENXNEAR
Euronext Crypto Index NEO NLIX00001262 ENXNEO
Euronext Crypto Index Polkadot NLIX00000124 ENXDOT
Euronext Crypto Index Polygon NLIX00000132 ENXMATIC 
Euronext Crypto Index Ripple NLIX00000116 ENXXRP 
Euronext Crypto Index SAND NLIX00001221 ENXSAND
Euronext Crypto Index Solana NLIX00000090 ENXSOL 
Euronext Crypto Index Stellar NLIX00001072 ENXXLM
Euronext Crypto Index Tezos NLIX00001197 ENXXTZ
Euronext Crypto Index THETA NLIX00001270 ENXTHETA
Euronext Crypto Index TRON NLIX00001254 ENXTRX
Euronext Crypto Index Uniswap NLIX00001064 ENXUNI

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