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Euronext® Helios Space Index

The first European Space index to measure the stock market performance of European space companies

Designed in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Commission and Promus Ventures, this space-oriented index is designed to display a fair representation of European-born companies and worldwide space sector companies benefiting from European Union support (business incubation, acceleration, financing).

All companies are firstly identified by the ESA and then selected by Euronext in order to respond to high-level standards.

This index will help all investors and industry professionals that aim to invest in cutting-edge technology companies from the space industry.

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Euronext® Helios Space Index rules

Hearth photo by night taken from space

Euronext Equileap Gender Equality Indices

In response to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #5 “Gender Equality”, Euronext has launched the Euronext Equileap Gender Equality France 40 and Euronext Equileap Gender Equality Eurozone 100 Indices, the first pillar of a broader family of indices addressing challenges around gender equality in the workplace. 

These indices have been developed by leveraging on Equileap’s Scorecard and Alarm Bell list to help market participants invest in listed companies committed to improve gender diversity and to respond to the increasing demand for Social thematic investments.

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Euronext Equileap Gender Equality France 40 index rules   

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Euronext Equileap Gender Equality Eurozone 100 index rules

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Eurnonext Gender Equality Indices

Euronext Crypto Indices

Providing institutional investors with independent and robust cryptocurrency reference prices, to meet their growing need for diversification.  

Based on a resilient methodology developed by Compass Financial Technologies, the BMR Index Administrator and Calculation Agent, Euronext Crypto Indices serve as independent and transparent prices to value cryptocurrency portfolios and as benchmarks for investors wishing to issue investment products tracking cryptocurrency prices.  


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We have over 900 indices of all sizes and profiles, that we design, calculate, and publish including over 100 ESG indices and 6 major national indices in Europe: AEX®, BEL 20®, CAC 40®, ISEQ 20®, OBX® and PSI 20®, including the ESG variants AEX® ESG, CAC 40 ESG®, OBX® ESG and MIB® ESG

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Our clients – banks, asset owners, data providers – license our wide range of indices to create innovative products that you can invest in. They also trust Euronext to design on-demand indices tailored to their needs.

15,000+ ETFs, funds, warrants, certificates, futures and options are associated with our indices, with billions in assets under management such as the CAC 40® Future, the second most traded national derivative product in Europe

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CAC 40 ESG index

ESG Indices

Euronext ESG indices serve as a benchmark for investors to incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance considerations into their investment strategies

ESg Self-Assessment for Issuers

ESG Derivatives

The Euronext® Eurozone ESG Large 80 Index Future allows investors to gain exposure to the Eurozone’s sustainable economy, supporting climate action.

Empowering sustainable growth

Empowering Sustainable Growth

Euronext connects local economies to global markets, accelerating innovation and growth, for the transition to a more sustainable economy.