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Issues Registration, Control and Cancellation

The Registration, Control and Cancellation of Securities is a service provided to the Issuers.

How to register Securities


Required Documents

  • Full identification of the Issuer, including the LEI code (Legal Entity Identifier);
  • Updated copy of the by-laws or the organic law of the Issuer;
  • Commercial registration certificate;
  • Certified copy of the minutes containing the decision to approve the issuance, if applicable;
  • Information on the amount of securities issued, respective nominal value, form of representation (certificate/book-entry), potential special rights and obligations or privileges of the respective security category;
  • In the case of securities represented in certificate form, copy of each title specimen and distribution of the specimens by numbering.


For securities registered in the Centralised Systems, Euronext Securities Porto shall ensure that the amount recorded in the Issue Control Account corresponds at any time to the sum of the amounts/units recorded on the securities accounts of Financial Intermediaries Participants in the Centralised Systems managed by Euronext Securities Porto.

Registry Cancellation / Withdrawal of Securities

The Issuer of securities registered at Euronext Securities Porto may request the cancellation of the registration of a certain securities issue, since they are not admitted to trading on a regulated market. If the issue is represented in book-entry form, its cancellation may only be effected by transferring the securities to another registry system.

In this case, the cancellation has to be coordinated with the operation in the opposite sense occuring in another registry system, chosen by the Issuer, and Euronext Securities Porto may carry out some proceedings aiming to regularize the necessary registries in the future resgistry system.

The cancellation of the registration is done through the debit of the securities registered in the Financial Intermediaries’ accounts and, in case of securities in the certificate form, by the delivery of the respective certificates.

Support Documentation

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INTERBOLSA Regulation 2/2016

English Version

INTERBOLSA Regulation 2/2016 English
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Manual Operativo da INTERBOLSA

Portuguese Version

Manual Operativo da INTERBOLSA Portuguese