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With offices on three continents and nine highly liquid markets, Euronext gives corporate bond issuers the ability to tap into a fast-growing, international investor community.

Whether you want to fund a particular project or raise capital without issuing additional shares, our team can help you list your corporate debt security in over 20 currencies.

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Gain a competitive edge with corporate ESG bonds

To say that investor interest in ESG securities is heightened would be an understatement. In the past year alone, the ESG bond market has grown more than 57% and it is set to continue on this track.

For this reason, we created Euronext ESG Bonds, where corporate issuers can gain better exposure for their sustainability bonds.

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Yes, all issuers can apply to list their bonds on Euronext. We have experience across a diverse group of issuers, and have standardised and transparent requirements.

Yes, issuers can receive support after their corporate bonds are listed through Euronext’s Post-Listing Advisory. From diversifying your shareholder base to understanding investor perceptions, our experts can provide you with tailored market intelligence to help you fine tune your investor targeting and build strong relationships with your investors.


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Pastore Maurizio

Maurizio Pastore

Head of Debt Listing

+353 (0)1 6174284

Yann Kerhoas - Vice President- Debt listing & ESG

Yann Kerhoas

Vice President- Debt listing & ESG

+33 7 61 17 15 56

Anna Marucci - Head of Debt and Funds Listing Italy

Anna Marucci

Head of Debt and Funds Listing Italy

+39 3382476197

Valerie O'Flaherty - VP - International Bond Listings

Valerie O'Flaherty

VP - International Bond Listings