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Who can become a client

  • Banks and financial institutions

  • Issuers

  • Central Banks 

  • Central Counterparties 

  • Other CSDs

  • Service Providers

How to become a Client

Our client solution team assist the clients from initial engagement to providing support on daily operations by responding proactively to inquiries.

The application procedure includes a preliminary investigation phase which requires the client to provide the following documents:

  • Chamber of Commerce Visura
  • Questionnaire Business Case (only for issuers)

Welcome KIT BIC Code request to SWIFT SEPA Direct Debit - FAQ

Membership: Admission and Client Onboarding

Following a preliminary phase, potential clients are required to 

  • Send the admission request to the Membership office
  • Forward the documentation provided by Membership to the office in charge
  • Wait for the checks and the Membership checks

Following these initial first steps, clients will receive admission and the onboarding process will begin.

For further information on the onbarding process, and on the subsequent phases related to finalizing the contract, reference can be made to the Welcome KIT.




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