ESG Derivatives

Providing tools to support the accelerating development of sustainable investment.

CAC 40 ESG Index Future

Enabling investors to combine economic performance with Environmental, Social and Governance objectives

  • Trade a future contract based on Euronext’s first national ESG benchmark (derived from the CAC 40® index family)
  • Manage and hedge ESG portfolios efficiently and in compliance with ESG principles
  • Benefit from an on-screen liquidity provided by market makers committed towards sustainable finance
  • CAC 40 ESG index: designed to direct capital flows of the top 40 companies within the CAC Large 60 index demonstrating the best ESG practices
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ESG 80 Derivatives image

ESG 80 Derivatives

Take exposure to the Eurozone’s sustainable economy.

• Trade Futures, Standard and Mini Options contracts on the Euronext® Eurozone ESG Large 80 Index

• ESG 80 index: shows the performance of 80 large cap companies in the Eurozone selected for their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and energy transition performance

Empowering sustainable growth

ESG | Empowering Sustainable Growth

Euronext connects local economies to global markets, accelerating innovation and growth, for the transition to a more sustainable economy.