A new harmonised Corporate Events Service

Euronext Securities is pleased to share its Corporate Events Service White Paper.   

The White Paper outlines our vision of a redesigned, timely, accurate, and reliable Corporate Events Service, allowing all our clients to benefit from a trusted service that is the same across all our markets and aligned with international standards. 

Why a new Corporate Events Service?

The management of Corporate Events plays a key role in the financial landscape. However, the lack of standardisation in how corporate events are structured, announced and processed across different markets has led to fragmentation in lifecycle process management, diverse market practices and varied communication channels, making the process unnecessarily complex for users.

At Euronext, we have made the decision to address this issue by implementing a  common Corporate Events Service across all our CSDs (Central Securities Depositories), to be rolled-out in all our asset classes, starting with in Copenhagen, Oslo and Porto by mid-2025, and in Milan by end 2025.

Download the Corporate Events Service White Paper

Your feedback needed

We know that our clients’ input and feedback is one of the most important components in the success of our initiatives. We therefore encourage you to share your thoughts on the White Paper so we may improve on this strategic project.   

Please write to us by 30 September 2023 at the following email address:  CA4Uproject@euronext.com   

All feedback received will be reviewed and addressed. 

We will incorporate the valuable insight we receive to refine the White Paper and publish a final Corporate Events Service Description Document by the end of 2023. 


Playback our Corporate Events Service Webinar

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White Paper: Consult the frequently asked questions

These will be updated to capture new topics as they may arise.

Questions pertaining to all CSDs

Yes, all clients will have the possibility to interact with Euronext Securities in  U2A mode specifically designed for the Corporate Events Service via the recently introduced portal  “My Euronext”. Clients who are directly connected with Euronext Securities across multiple markets will experience a consistent client journey.  :
It is important to note that this portal will differ from the one set to be launched by November 2023 for Phase 1 of our Portugal initiative. 
However, the manner in which clients engage with Euronext Securities for all other services will remain unchanged.

We can confirm that the ISO20022 communication format will be available without any restrictions for all Corporate Events managed by Euronext Securities.

Yes.  Notifications can also be sent to third parties (e.g. Proxy Agents), upon client request. These third parties, if authorised, can submit instructions directly on their behalf for specific securities accounts and event categories (comprising groups of CAEV codes).

Yes, Euronext Securities will support the Automated Buyer Protection mechanism, which will be triggered at the buyer's request.

To date there are no questions only pertaining to Copenhagen

Questions for Milan

As outlined in our Whitepaper, the RNI format will remain available even after the go-live of our new service scheduled for 2025. It is important to clarify that the retirement of the RNI format will affect all services and will not occur before year-end 2027. We will provide the exact date in the upcoming months

No, starting with the launch of the new services, all cash credits and debits related to the Corporate Events service in Central Bank Money for Euronext Securities Milan will be performed on the Dedicated Cash Accounts in T2S.

To date there are no questions only pertaining to Oslo

To date there are no questions only pertaining to Porto