Our People

At Euronext, our people are at the heart of the company successes. We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which all employees have the opportunity to develop themselves by acquiring new skills, competencies and responsibilities.


To implement the aforementioned strategy, Euronext seeks to recruit talented individuals who look for challenges and excellence in an pan-European environment. Our company has an active recruitment policy towards interns and most of our new hires had a placement experience at Euronext before. We are mostly looking for master students seeking responsibilities, autonomy and show adaptability. We offer them:

  • The chance to quickly have responsibilities and be considered as a peer
  • The opportunity to be part of a company that face exciting challenges while working in human-sized teams open to new ideas
  • A dynamic and international working environment that is constantly changing


Euronext provides employees with appropriate training programs and development opportunities. The Company’s commitment to employee development is an integral part of Euronext’s strategy. Our training policy follow two main objectives:

  • Improve employees’ knowledge and broaden their skills
  • Develop employees’ adaptability to new challenges and environment

To implement this strategy we have designed development programs that aim at supporting employees and managers in finding meaning at work, increasing their motivation and enhancing individual and collective performance. Several training paths have been implemented to ensure every individual can cultivate his/her potential in alignment with corporate goals and objectives. On a regular basis, we organize information sessions to educate employees about a business, new products or initiatives in order to have everyone understand the deployment of the strategy and to increase overall effectiveness.   Throughout the year, performance management processes allow a tight collaboration between employees, managers and Human Resources department that leads to the implementation of specific trainings for a particular need at an individual or a team level. Our training programs facilitate also internal promotions and leverage employees’ abilities to be successful in their new positions.

Performance management

A yearly performance management process allow every individual in the company to collaboratively with his/her manager review the work done, and get feedback to further develop and be at ease in his/her position. It is also a unique  opportunity to set new objectives and define training needs.

Compensation & Benefits

At Euronext, we have a pay for performance philosophy and reward our employees with a competitive compensation & benefits structure.