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Customer Guide – Financial Intermediaries and other entities

Our organization, through the eyes of our Customers:

An entity that has developed on the basis of innovation and that invests in new technologies,
very well quoted in the integration to the platform at European level and has great professionals.


The services we provide to our Customers

We offer a wide set of Services, namely Custody and Settlement to a broad Customer base.

Check here our services:





They are very efficient, competent and resilient.

(Clients’ comments, in 2021, about our organization.)


How to make a service request to Euronext Securities Porto


Support documentation:
INTERBOLSA Regulation 2/2016


Support documentation:

  • INTERBOLSA Regulation 2/2016
  • Fee Book – Financial Intermediaries and other entities – table 8.2

For further information, refer to Corporate Actions Notification page.


Documentation (numbering process):
Article 5 of INTERBOLSA Regulation 10/2003

Support documentation:
INTERBOLSA Regulation 10/2003

The assignment of an ISIN code is free
Codes are assigned in less than 24h

For further information, refer to National Numbering Agency page.


Our commitment to Clients is total and it is for them that we have been working continuously for several decades.


How to become a Client
Phone: +351 22 615 84 00


  • Updated company by-laws / business registry office certificate
  • Affiliation agreement, signed by the Participant and Euronext Securities Porto
  • Copy of the applicant´s annual reports for the last three years
  • Required forms to the participation in Euronext Securities Porto systems

Analysis and assessment of the documentation and communication of the decision to the applicant:

1 Month (*)

INTERBOLSA 1/2016 – Article 8

(*) Market infrastructure (CSDs and CCPs): 3 months

  • Approval of the application
  • Return of the signed membership agreement
  • Notification to the CMVM about the new Participant
  • Opening of securities accounts, and link to the respective cash accounts, used for securities movements with or without cash associated
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Who can you contact at Euronext Securities Porto

We have a team of dedicated professionals with high experience in the business units that offers a unique and personalized service, always available to satisfy our Customers.

Please find the contacts that best fit your need in the table below:

Other relevant contacts

General contacts

Finance –

Legal and Compliance– " rel="nofollow">

Euronext Securities Porto Helpdesk –

Annual Surveys

Clients feedback is of the utmost importance so that we can identify their needs and continue improving the offer of products and services.

Since 2006, we carry out a client services survey; the results have been excellent.

This process fits into our goal of proactively monitoring the evolution of the Industry and thus identifying the perception of Clients in relation to the services we provide.

Support Documentation

  • PDF

INTERBOLSA Regulation 2/2016

English Version

INTERBOLSA Regulation 2/2016 English