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Centralised Systems

The Centralised Systems include the Registration, Control, Maintenance and Cancellation of Securities registered in Euronext Securities Porto.


Registration of securities issues represented in book-entry form and the implementation of the related controls

Registration of physical securities issues (securities in certificate form), their safekeeping and the implementation of the related controls

Registration of positions held by Participants in the accounts opened in the centralised systems, which are reflected in the TARGET2-Securities (T2S) platform

Ensuring the adequate procedures to the exercise of patrimonial rights inherent to the securities registered in its systems, namely changes in the company’s share capital, payment of income and redemptions

Centralised systems - CSD


Participating in the Centralised System are Issuer Entities, Financial Intermediaries and other entities that, under the terms of the law and the regulations in force, may assume the status of affiliates (custodians), Banco de Portugal and even Euronext Securities Porto as the controlling entity.



The Centralised System is composed by an interconnected set of accounts, through which the securities are created and transferred and the control of the quantity of the securities in circulation and of the rights that exist over them is performed.

The main accounts participating in the Centralised System are the following:


Total issue account

Debit balance representative of the amount of securities issued and respective category, which also contains the identification of the debit balance that expresses the total amount of the rights attached to the securities recorded in the securities accounts of the Participants opened in the centralised system.

Securities account

Credit balance that expresses the amount of securities and rights registered in securities accounts opened by the Participants in the centralised system which must contain as many sub-accounts, as they are constituted by each Participant in the legal and regulatory terms provided.

The Financial Intermediaries are entirely responsible for the maintenance and movement of the securities in the individual registry accounts opened in their books, as well as in the global accounts opened in the Centralised System, under the terms of the law and regulations in force, namely the Securities CodeCMVM’s Regulation No. 14/2000 and INTERBOLSA’s Regulation No. 2/2016.

The Centralised Securities System carries out all the necessary procedures to ensure the exercising of the patrimonial rights, concerning the securities registered in its system.

Euronext Securities Porto, in a perfectly integrated way, together with the Centralised Systems mentioned, also organizes and manages Securities Settlement Systems.


Issues Registration, Control and Cancellation

Securities Transfer

Exercise of Ownership and other Corporate Events