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International Cooperation

ANNA – Association of National Numbering Agencies

ANNA is a global association of National Numbering Agencies with the mission to provide reliable, accurate and trusted means to identify and describe securities that can be used by all nations and their markets.

Euronext Securities Porto is a member of this association since 1993.

ANNA is responsible worldwide for the promotion, implementation and maintenance of International Organization for Standardization – ISO Standards which establish a uniform and internationally accepted framework for ISIN, CFI and FISN codes:

ISO Standard 6166 – Securities – International Securities Identification Numbering System (ISIN)

Unequivocal identification of each series of securities / financial instruments.


ISO Standard 10962 – Securities and related financial instruments – Classification of Financial Instruments (CFI)

CFI Code
Identification of the type and form of the securities / financial instruments.


ISO Standard 18774 – Securities and related financial instruments – Financial Instrument Short Name (FISN)

Common standardization for short description of securities / financial instruments.


ANNA’s main goals are:

  • Give all assistance to the National Numbering Agencies in the implementation phase of codification procedures;
  • To prepare guidelines to be followed by its members in ISIN, CFI and FISN codification;
  • To act as the maintenance agency for ISO 6166 and ISO 18774 as the Registration Authority granted by ISO Council;
  • To implement a service, rendered to the adherent ones, which allows access to international information on ISIN codes assigned by other National Numbering Agencies.

ECSDA – European Central Securities Depositories Association

ECSDA is a non-profit association, incorporated in 1997, which represents 39 national and international Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) across 35 European countries.

The association provides a forum for European CSDs to exchange views and take forward projects of mutual interest and aims to promote a constructive dialogue between the CSD community, European public authorities and other stakeholders contributing to an efficient and risk-averse infrastructure for European financial markets.

Euronext Securities Porto , founding member of ECSDA, collaborates actively on its exercise at the level of the Board of Directors and is also presenting in the following working groups:

  • Risk management
  • Policy
  • Compliance
  • Settlement
  • Harmonization

Other Entities

Euronext Securities Porto also follow the activities developed by the following international entities:

  • AGC – Association of Global Custodians
  • ESMA – European Securities and Markets Authority
  • IOSCO – International Organization of Securities Systems
  • ISSA – Information Systems Securities Association
Cartograpjy Es-Porto

We have a consolidated position in Europe and we are a reference mark in the international Industry scene.


Working Groups in which Euronext Securities Porto is represented

T2S – Target2-Securities:

  • Ami-SeCo – NSGPT
  • Change review Group (CRG)
  • Cross-Border Market Practices Sub-Group (XMAP)
  • CSD Steering Group (CSG)
  • CSDR Task Force
  • Harmonisation Steering Group (HSG)
  • Operations Manager Group (OMG)
  • Project Managers Group (PMG)
  • UT-MIG

Other Groups:

  • E-MIG Corporate Actions
  • E-MIG General Meetings