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T2S – TARGET2-Securities

The TARGET2-Securities (T2S) is a technical platform for the settlement, which was established by the Eurosystem.

The T2S allows the settlement, in a harmonized way, of securities and cash on a single platform.

Euronext Securities Porto migrated to T2S in March 2016.

Participants in the settlement systems managed by Euronext Securities Porto may take the following connectivity qualities, as regards the connection to the T2S platform:

Participant with direct link
(DCP – Directly Connected Party)
Participant with indirect connection through the
Euronext Securities Porto systems
(ICP – Indirectly Connected Party)

The two qualities of Participants are subject to the supervisory and oversight powers established in INTERBOLSA Regulation No. 1/2016 – Participants in the systems managed by Euronext Securities Porto.

For further information, refer to European Central Bank – T2S.


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