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Miscellaneous clarifications in the issuer rules on Euronext Growth Oslo


Guidance to rule 3.12.1 in Euronext Growth Oslo Rulebook Part II

Oslo Børs has included a guide to rule 3.12.2 in the Euronext Growth Rulebook Part II, which relates to the requirement for consolidated accounts. The guideline specifies that the requirement for consolidated accounts means that exemptions in applicable legislation that apply to issuers classified as small companies, cannot be applied in order to fulfil the requirement of issuing annual- and half-yearly report on a consolidated basis.  

Clarification in Notice 2.2 section 6 related to the content of the application for admission to trading in flexible and fast-track processes

Notice 2.2 section 6 states what information the application must contain in a flexible process and a fast track process where the standard application form is not used. It has now been clarified that the application must also contain a confirmation that the company undertakes to comply with the rules for Euronext Growth Oslo, cf. Notice 2.2 section 1 (3), as well as a confirmation from the Euronext Growth Advisor that the issuer satisfies all conditions for admission to trading and is suitable for admission to trading on Euronext Growth Oslo, cf. Notice 2.2 section 1 (4).

Updated Standard application form

It is set out in rule 5.2.2 in Euronext Growth Rulebook Oslo Part II that if the Euronext Growth Advisor, its beneficial owners and persons with managerial responsibility have an ownership interest in the issuer, this must be stated in the application for admission to trading. Furthermore, the application must state whether an application has been made for an exemption from the independence requirements in section 5.2.2.

Oslo Børs has included a new section 1.8 in the standard application form where such information is to be included.

In the application form sections and, which are related to rules and in the Euronext Growth Rulebook Part II regarding management and the board, it is clarified that information concerning matters that may be relevant to the assessment of suitability shall not be limited to the last 5 years.


The hyperlinks in the rules for Oslo Børs and Euronext Growth Oslo are now updated.

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