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Amendment of Regulation 1/2016


RGPD application and repeal of INTERBOLSA circular 1/2001, relating to the Issuer Agent

In accordance with the legislation and regulations in force, INTERBOLSA provides to the issuers, with registered securities, the service related to the identification of securities holders.

As a service provided by law to the issuers, that request the service, the entities involved in the process of collecting, processing, storing and forwarding of personal data (such as shareholders, banks and INTERBOLSA) cannot refuse to provide this service or to provide the necessary information.

However, without prejudice to the above, and taking into account the application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which entered into force on May 25, 2018, INTERBOLSA considered to be relevant to include in INTERBOLSA Regulation 1/2016 a specific provision concerning the protection of personal data in order to make transparent and reinforce the transmission to INTERBOLSA of the personal data collected by the financial intermediaries and the treatment of such data by INTERBOLSA in compliance with the applicable legal provisions.

In order to properly accommodate this change, INTERBOLSA added article 17-A to INTERBOLSA Regulation 1/2016, related to the Participants in the systems managed by INTERBOLSA.

The opportunity is also taken to eliminate article 1 (4) of INTERBOLSA Regulation 1/2016, as well as INTERBOLSA Circular 1/2001, related to the Issuer Agent.