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Wintertijd Challenge


Gong ceremony marks start of Wintertijd Challenge

The sounding of the gong marks the start of the Wintertijd Challenge, an annual fundraising sports event of the Spieren voor Spieren Foundation. Ambassador and field hockey international Eva de Goede opens trading together with Dean Dussenbroek, an 8 year old boy who suffers from a muscular disease called Ataxie van Friedreich.

This year, during the night in which the clock is turned back for winter time, people around the country will participate in sports activities for one hour and one second to help raise money for research into muscular diseases in children, and improving the path of diagnosis and treatment. Last year, € 350.000 was raised for this purpose. During this year’s Wintertijd Challenge, activities will be held at over 135 locations, making it possible for Holland to put their healthy muscles to good use, supporting those that have a muscle disease.

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