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Gong for winner CBS-ConjuctuurBekerStrijd 2019


VWO-students of the Montaigne Lyceum have won the annual national Economics contest, the CBS-ConjunctuurBekerstrijd for 2019. As a result of this Bram Boers is going to strike the gong to open the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

CBS ConjuctuurBekerStrijd:

In order to promote the use of statistics in secondary education, CBS has created the business cycle BekerStrijd. This is a competition in which pupils from the secondary school and VWO with economics in their profile predict the development of the Dutch economy.

The Montaigne Lyceum

The Montaigne Lyceum houses several courses: Gymnasium, VWO, Havo, secondary school and secondary education. They say the fact that pupils with different talents go together to the same school, is an important social endeavor.


For more information: montaignelyceum / cbs