Euronext indexmotion

Euronext has recently launched indexmotion, a new, award winning (2016 Inside Market Data -Best new data product), fully customisable index service that offers index calculation across equities, commodities and currencies 23 hours a day and five days a week, with three end-of-day runs reflecting market close in Asia, Europe and the Americas

indexmotion is designed to support anyone with an index idea or benchmarking need, ranging from tier one banks looking to outsource their own indices to ETF/ETP providers developing new and unique products. indexmotion offers the client oversight of the design, calculation, distribution and commercialisation to develop an idea into a fully-managed commercially distributable solution. .

A dedicated team will provide support resulting in a more efficient delivery process and a significantly reduced time to market. Moreover indexmotion has a very broad reach as the index data can be distributed over the infrastructure and network of the 400 authorised data redistributors that deliver other Euronext data products.

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